Rachel A. Eschenbach
An Unknown Enemy is Doubly DangerousProtectionBeloved BarriersPigsDanteBoatLandscapeBellicose ConfectionsSweetOthersEarly Work

Overwrought surface, shells of texture built to mimic other forms, and accessible personal scale are constants in my practice. I am still working through how my art relating creates individual experience. Controlling space scale and content lets me engage viewers one at a time and test them- to see if they can relate to the piece or just reframe it, accepting the duality of my concept and choosing whether to see the mass definition, or search for the personal amidst the form and surface. The final test is compassion for the piece. Do the viewers feel for the images or forms or just accept them as space occupiers? Finding this resolution is my goal as I begin to explore more direct interpretations of personal and public spaces. Looking to artists such as Do-ho Suh for inspiration for thoughts on public space and use of the multiple, or Anne Tyng and her consistent marriage of function with organic geometry in space will direct my focus as I address incorporeal spatial barriers.